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Bins & Storage Equipment
Drill Sets & Indexes - Super Primalloy & Primalloy
  • Super heavy duty 135° split point eliminates center punching.
  • Maintenance length - overall length reduced by average of 15% to provide increased rigidity, strength and breakage resistance.
  • 3 flats on shank - eliminates chuck slippages.
  • M-7 alloy steel provides wear resistance for longer service.
  • Expanded web design provides superior strength and extended tool life.
  • Finish: Surface - Ferro Gold,
  • Flute - Black Oxide.
  • Made in U.S.A.
  • Maintenance Length
  • For Best Results, Use Ultra-Cut Cutting Fluids (See Pages 80-68 thru 80-70)

Note: Sizes smaller than 3/16 do not have flats on shanks.

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Super Primalloy Maintenance Length Drills
Item No.DescriptionOrder
82-481115 Pc. Ultimate Set, Fractional/Number/Letter1
82-50113 Pc Set, 1/16-1/4 by 64ths1
82-49715 Pc Set,1/16-1/2 by 32nds1
82-63315 Pc Set in 29 Pc Index1
82-63421 Pc Set 1/16-1/4 by 64ths with 9/32-1/2 by 32nds1
82-49929 Pc Set,1/16-1/2 by 64ths1
82-53621 Pc Set,1/16-3/8 by 64ths1
* Order in multiples of the package quantity.
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