Cleaning products are important to have in your shop, not only to keep dirt, dust, grease and other soils under control, but to maintain a healthier and safer work environment. Kimball Midwest carries a variety of cleaning chemicals, aerosol dusters, floor cleaners and deodorizers to clean and freshen up your shop. Our cleaning products are powerful and effective at eradicating even the toughest soils. Not only that, but we have rags and wipes; brooms, brushes and dust pans; trash bags and liners; and dust mops, dusters and cleaning pads – everything you need to clean your shop from top to bottom.

We didn't forget your workers, either. Our hand cleaners and protectants are tough on dirt and gentle on skin. Whether you need a heavy-duty or general hand cleaner, hand sanitizer or skin cream, we have you covered.

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