True Partners: Cost Recovery

What if you could recover the cost of those small, nuisance items used on repair orders for your collision repair shop, fleet or dealership? With the Kimball Midwest True Partners Cost Recovery tool, you can do just that. The program, available online at no cost to you, allows you to track and charge for small parts that were previously non-recoverable.


Itemize Small Parts Used on Each Job

Use an available scanner or a parts usage form to track items used and enter on a repair order. 

Control Shop Profitability

Control Profitability of Your Shop

Automatically marks up small parts in one easy step. Individual parts can be managed for unusual parts and repairs.


Create Repair Orders

Create Supplemental Repair Orders

Provides a detailed listing of each part used during the repair or servicing of vehicles.


Run Professional Reports

Run Professional Reports

Run reports to view savings or track by item, technician, or shop (and more) over a specified date range.


Ready to Get Started?

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