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Kimball Midwest knows that cutting tools are an important part of many operations, and accuracy and consistency are vital components of quality cutting tools. This is why we carry the best equipment to ensure you have maximum performance during your project. From hole making to cutting, drilling, cleaning burs, reamers, and step drills, we have all the tools you need.

For proper hole making, choose from our diverse selection of drill bits and drill bit sets. Choose from our many kinds of drill bits, including masonry drill bits, maintenance drill bits, jobber length drill bits, sheet metal drill bits, and many others. All our drill bits are available in a size of your choosing, and are the right choice if you are looking to drill holes in metal, wood, or a variety of other materials.

For more versatility while cutting, choose one of our hole cutters, which cut through a variety of materials, including metal, sheet metal, and wood. With our Roto-Kut hole cutters, metal cutters and sets, you will experience faster cutting, and will be able to cut easier than you would with a standard drill. A perfect complement to our hole cutters are our hole cutter accessories. Our accessories further guarantee your accuracy and consistency while hole cutting. We carry hole cutter kits, and other accessories like metal washers, arbors, and pilot drills. They will self-center the hole for you, and provide extra stability while cutting.

For cutting holes in plumbing or electrical applications, select one of our hole saws. Our hole saws, also available in hole saw kits, will create larger holes with more consistent cuts, and whether you choose a 3” hole saw, 3 ¾” hole saw, or 4 1/4” hole saw, you will be able to saw through a variety of materials.

For more demanding projects, choose from our selection of power saws and accessories. We carry the strongest saw blades that will work with a variety of difficult materials, and they are offered in different sizes to meet your needs. We also stock a selection of reciprocating saw blades, which are great for having on hand to make fast and easy cuts. Our blades include Cobalt-Maxx and Sawzall blades, which come individually and in kits that provide maximum heat resistance and a long life. By choosing from blades like our scroll saw blades and wood blades, you will be provided with strong and flexible teeth while sawing.

If your operation involves threading, then select one of our taps and dies, which help with the most precise tasks. In our selection you will find a variety of different taps and dies, along with tap and die sets, which are all great for cutting and repairing external threads.

For assistance drilling holes in metal, choose from our inventory of annular cutters and step drills. Not only do these products help you drill in metal, but also many other materials. They are also guaranteed to lower drilling time, and are available in different diameters to meet the needs of your operation. When using these items, you also need somewhere to store them.

For superior storage, choose from our assortment of drill cases and cabinets. Storage is an important aspect of any workshop, and our cases and cabinets are guaranteed to organize your tools.

For easy identification, you can also choose one of our drill indexes. Are you looking for something to assist you in cleaning and finishing materials? Choose one of our burs, including our carbide burs and pointed end burs, to create extra aggressiveness for maximum performance while cutting. For bur removal and finishing, we have deburring tools for the job.

Our deburring set can work for a variety of applications, and we also offer several replacement options for your tools. For removal purposes, choose from our selection of extractors. Our bolt and screw extractors will remove any broken screws, bolts, or pipes without any risk of damage. When you are looking for cutting tools, look no further than Kimball Midwest's extensive selection.

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