Power Saws and Accessories

For many demanding operations, a reliable power saw can be among the most important pieces of equipment you use. Kimball Midwest carries the right saw blades and accessories for any material you are working with, including metal, wood, brick, or stone. Our saw blade collection includes band saw blades, jig saw blades, circular saw blades, and chop saw blades. We carry portable or regular blades, and you have the option to choose any size to meet the needs of your project. Our jig saw blades range in many different sizes and styles, provide for faster cutting and a smooth finish. Choose our carbide circular saw blades for extra durability and a longer life, or our metal devil blades, which are made specifically for cutting metal as easily as possible. Our chop saw blades are guaranteed to produce clean finishes, and will maximize resistance against chipping, wear, and damage. At Kimball Midwest, you will find the right power saw supplies for your next operation.

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