Materials Management

The Kimball Midwest Materials Management System (MMS) checks your maintenance parts inventory while controlling inventory costs. It organizes your inventory for faster, easier access, keeps it organized and eliminates the hidden costs of disorderly inventory, equipment downtime, restocking time, procurement time, issuing purchase orders, receiving orders, emergency pick-ups and more. 

Materials Management System

There's nothing quite like the feeling of a well-organized shop. When every tool is in its place and every surface is clean, it's easier to get work done and feel proud of your space. Achieving this level of organization requires both a willingness to declutter and the right storage solutions. Our products can help you with both.

Single Source For All MRO Needs

Our extensive product line provides complete product coverage for all Maintenance and Repair Operations (MRO). Providing single sourcing for all of your MRO needs, you gain faster, easier access to the products you need, eliminating costly equipment downtime and lost productivity.

Trained Sales Representatives

Our trained sales representatives make sure your people have the supplies they need to do their jobs. Kimball Midwest solicits sales and then maintains your inventory for fast, efficient access without wasted time searching for parts.

Superior Customer Service

Our in-house staff of trained customer service representatives are available through our toll-free phone lines to provide instant access to our extensive product line and handle any situation for just-in-time delivery whenever you need it.

Technical Support and Assistance

Our selection of training brochures, videos and seminars offer technical assistance in many areas. Additionally, Kimball Midwest offers a range of clinics and seminars geared toward reducing application costs for you, our customer. 

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