Products Overview

Kimball Midwest has been in the Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO) products business since 1923. From the beginning we’ve known that the quality of our products is important to our customers. We stock in excess of 45,000 superior-quality MRO parts, hardware and shop supply items. Having one of the industry’s broadest product lines provides our customers with single-source availability.

Our product lines range from fasteners to chemicals and from electrical items to shop supplies and body shop parts. They are designed specifically for the maintenance aftermarket to prevent or reduce downtime, improve safety, and decrease our customers overall costs. Many of our products are manufactured to our specifications and are demonstrably superior to commodity products. Every product in the product line is fully warranted against defect in material or manufacture, a value-added service to our customers.

A highly responsive Special Order Department rapidly sources non-cataloged and/or hard-to-find products, giving us access to over 400,000 additional items for our customers.

We believe supporting American businesses and American workers, who are the backbone of our strength as a nation. "Buy American, Buy Kimball Midwest" is a practiced policy in the development of our product line and more than 80% of our inventory dollars are spent on products made in the U.S.A. This policy allows traceability to the source of manufacture helping eliminate the possibility of substandard, misrepresented, mismarked, or counterfeit products being put into the supply chain. Our graded fractional and metric fasteners meet or exceed SAE, ASTM and ANSI specifications.

In order to sustain our leadership role in the industry, new products are regularly added to the product line. In a typical year, we’ll add 120 to 130 product lines. Year after year our Product Line team continues to come up with cutting edge products, every one of them being a value-added product designed to provide better performance for our customers; it truly separates us from the competition.

Superior products and services are the signature of every Kimball Midwest Sales Representative and this defining characteristic not only differentiates us from our competitors, but also earns the trust and respect of our customers. With new product introductions throughout the year, a commitment to problem solving products, and an exceptional level of internal support, we help each Sales Representative become a valued partner in their customer’s business.

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