Value Added Services

We are able to provide unique value to our customers because we do things differently. We believe in a culture of continuous improvement and ensure our associates have the ability to make a positive impact on our customers.

Here are some of the differences you can expect with Kimball Midwest:

American-Made Commitment

We are committed to a "Buy American" policy. We believe in the American workforce and we're committed to providing superior quality products that are backed by superior workmanship. Our goal is to provide our customers with the best possible products and services, and we feel that by supporting American industry, we are helping to ensure a bright future for our country. We are proud to say that 80% of what we spend our inventory dollars on goes to product made in the U.S.A., and we will continue to do our part to support the American economy.


We don’t just show a picture in a catalog. We demonstrate our problem-solving products so each customer can see how that product will save them time and money.

Superior Service

Our entire team is dedicated to exceptional customer service experiences that are reflected in personalized attention and industry-leading shipping and fill rates.

Superior Products

We offer an extensive offering of more than 55,000 inventoried products. One of the advantages of the depth and breadth of the Kimball Midwest product line is it does allow us to be a single source supplier to our customer.

Personal Relationships

We understand the significance of developing personal relationships with people at all levels of an organization. We consistently share with them the unique value we offer.

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