What is the Kimball Midwest Experience?

Our customers have very high expectations. That’s just the way we like it. Businesses should never have to settle for subpar performance from their vendors, and we work hard every day to make certain they never do.

At Kimball Midwest, every customer is important to us. You’ll see our obsessive attention to detail in every product, every delivery, and every interaction. Do you want the industry’s best products?  Even after all the testing we do to prospective products, only about 10% of the items we consider meet our stringent qualifications and make it into our product line. Need rapid delivery? Dependable, industry-leading service and next day delivery for most customers in the U.S. means you will get the product you need, when you need it. Want someone who listens to you? Your experienced Kimball Midwest representative is attentive to your shop’s needs, and provides customized solutions perfect for your business, even making sure no items go to waste through our Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI). Want a vendor that stays true to its roots? With 80% of our inventory spend going toward American-made products, you can be confident your shop is supporting the American economy while using superior-quality products.

And that’s just the beginning. This overarching approach to outstanding, old-fashioned customer service can be best summed-up as The Kimball Midwest Experience. Once you experience it, we think you’ll agree it is the best value in the industry.

Go with the Best, Go Kimball Midwest!




Solutions Experts

With an average of seven years with Kimball Midwest, our sales representatives know their stuff. Their extensive industry background ensures they have the knowledge and experience to help each customer when the need arises. They are trained to answer your questions ranging from basic questions about product availability to more complex technical product inquiries.

Anatomy of a Sales Rep

Our sales representatives allow you to focus on core business concerns rather than squandering time managing maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO) inventory. They serve the varied MRO needs in a wide variety of industries, including agriculture, automotive, construction, government, manufacturing, mining, oil and gas, and wholesaling. They are invested in your success. They know the heart and soul of the business they service.

Industries Served

Our experts never stop learning, never stop growing. These consummate professionals undergo extensive, ongoing training throughout their Kimball Midwest careers. They are partners in your performance, resources you can depend on to drive your success.

"My rep took my ideas and ran with them. She came up with a concept we later implemented. It has increased efficiency tenfold. In doing so, we have saved countless hours of labor and saved thousands of dollars on material costs."  
– Loren P., Assembly Support Lead

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Personal Service

Personal service is all about you. There is no one-size-fits-all mindset at Kimball Midwest. Our deeply-held belief in unmatched service is displayed in the old-fashioned customer service provided both by sales representatives across the country and employees in all four distribution centers. We are here for you.

The product you order may be shipped from our distribution centers strategically located across the USA, but your sales representative lives close to you. They are only a call, email, or text away. When you buy from Kimball Midwest, you’re supporting the American economy, and your community.

Reps on Map

“I couldn’t imagine business without Kimball Midwest. They have made business and life so much easier. I know I can call my rep at the drop of a hat and he will help me with anything I need. No question goes unanswered, and no part goes unfound.”
– Bethany B. Assistant Shop Manager

Your Rep By You

Vendor Managed Inventory

A well-devised, customized Vendor Managed Inventory is designed to eliminate obsolete inventory, standardize product, set appropriate inventory levels, and enhance efficiencies. Kimball Midwest’s approach to this vital component of any well-organized shop begins and ends with getting to know each customer and their requirements. Your shop is unique, so we never push cookie cutter solutions. Instead, we offer a tailored methodology to meet your needs.


Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)


Maintenance Efficiency Center (MEC)


Materials Management System (MMS)

Our trained sales representatives work closely with you to ensure you have the quality parts you need when and where you need them. They visit your location regularly, meet with your team members, and effectively avoid both overstock and understock problems.

“We have lowered our inventory cost, become much more organized, and our inventory is always stocked appropriately.”  
– Anthony D., Shop Superintendent

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Maintenance Efficiency Centers (MECs) provide the key to saving your shop wasted time and energy looking for needed product. MECs are convenient setups that organize those nickel-and-dime nuisance items in well-labeled drawers and bins, thus eliminating the hidden costs of disorderly inventory, equipment downtime, restocking time, procurement time, issuing purchase orders, receiving orders, emergency pickups, and more.

Kimball Midwest offers more than 55,000 stock items. These are housed in four strategically located distribution centers around the United States. Need something we don’t stock? No problem. Our highly responsive Special Order Department sources more than 500,000 non-cataloged or hard-to-find products.

The king of shop organization is Kimball Midwest’s exclusive Materials Management System (MMS). MMS is a dynamic, system-based product created to organize mid-to-large sized shopsbased on our recommendations to effectively lower your total MRO costs.


American Made

"We are committed to continue to buy American. Every opportunity we have to convert to a quality American manufacturer we want to take advantage."  
– Dave McCurdy, Chief Operations Officer

Kimball Midwest is an American company, and not simply because we are physically located within the borders of this great country. It runs deeper than that. There is an inherent, unmistakable patriotic pride in every member of our sales team. Our focus on the American worker and domestic products is very real.

As a proud American company, we are aware that the American workforce is the backbone of our economy. One of the many ways Kimball Midwest keeps its commitment to quality is a consistent focus on American-made goods. In fact, 80% of our inventory spend goes to American-made products.

Our team of professional sales representatives is committed to helping you get what you need to keep America running. We are proud to serve our government procurement customers and pride ourselves in offering thousands of high-performance, American-made products designed to save time and money.

Buying American-made is important for many reasons, but we like to break it down into these four: quality, dependability, traceability, and pride.

80% Spend
Quality Ribbon


American-made products have a reputation for quality. These products consistently save money by preventing downtime.



When products are made in the U.S., it is much easier to manage inventory levels, and make certain you have the products you need, when you need them.



In the rare cases of product defects, we can easily trace issues directly to the source and efficiently evaluate and correct any problems quickly. Traceability also reduces chances for counterfeit parts.

Pride-Heart Flag


As a proud U.S. company, it is imperative that we are supporting our American customers and vendors. We take pride in supporting our workforce while providing superior-quality products.


Quality Commitment

Quality is woven through everything we do. From your first day as a customer, you will be treated to the Kimball Midwest Experience, an approach to overall quality we have implemented to establish trust and reinforce our commitment to you. Various components of the Kimball Midwest Experience are described in these links, but the recurring principle that resonates throughout is an unmistakable focus on quality.

As a Kimball Midwest customer, you’ll be aware of this quality commitment in the high level of service you receive, the top-notch products you purchase, and the incomparable overall value you enjoy that will effectively lower your maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO) costs.

Additionally, at Kimball Midwest this approach to quality is not stagnant. One of our core values, one that permeates all our activities and interactions, is the concept of continuous improvement. Never satisfied, we are focused on cultivating an environment that is green and growing, not ripe and rotting. We always want to do it right, and do it right the first time for our valued customers.

This quality commitment, we believe, is evident in everything we do, and the true differentiator between your experience with us compared to other suppliers you may have used. You’ll see the distinct difference our quality commitment makes through all aspects of our product and service offering, including:

Customized Vendor Managed Inventory

Customized Vendor Managed Inventory

Personalized Service

Personal Service

Exceptional Fill Rates

Exceptional Fill Rates


Focus on American-Made Products

Solutions Experts

Solutions Experts

Superior Products

Demonstrably Superior Products



There is no charge for the quality provided throughout all facets of the Kimball Midwest experience. It is how we do business. We are confident you will value the Kimball Midwest experience from your very first day as a customer. Our goal is that you will see us as a trusted partner in your business performance.

Quality Commitment


Demonstrably Superior Products

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. In the world of maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO) products, a presentation without a demonstration is just a conversation. In other words, our experienced professionals won’t just tell you about our superior products, they’ll take the time to show you. You’ll see the results with your own eyes. You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions, and even try the product before buying. It’s an old-fashioned approach that still works today.

Kimball Midwest products are selected because they get the job done faster, safer, and more cost effectively. Not every product makes the grade. In fact, fewer than one out of ten items our product experts review make the cut. When you buy from Kimball Midwest, you purchase a product that meets exacting standards on which you can rely.

Superior Stats

A highlight for each sales representative is sharing with our customers the latest Kimball Midwest products. New product releases occur regularly – there’s always something new to see - and we’re excited for our customers to see these demonstrably superior, problem-solving products in action.

Additionally, through our online shop (Storefront), you enjoy access to product details, photographs, demonstration videos, SDS sheets, and much more at your convenience.

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"[Our rep] effectively reviews what products we use, gives us ideas of items we need to keep in stock, and makes certain that we are aware of any new products."  
– Jim M., Florida customer


The Right Part When You Need It

When you need a product, you need it. Sometimes right now. You don’t always have the luxury of waiting days for shipment.

As a component of the unmatched service you receive as a Kimball Midwest customer, rapid delivery is among the most vital. We delight in making certain our customers receive the products they’ve ordered when they need them. Our sales representatives commit to having the right part for you, stored in the right place, so you can find it exactly when you need it.

Rapid shipment and delivery is a requirement for customers. With the speed that business moves, having the right parts when you need them is critical. It’s what you expect. You don’t have time for delays when time is money. We meet this challenge with an unsurpassed fill rate of greater than 99% and same day shipment and delivery to 85% of customers within 24 hours. Order it today and, odds are, you’ll have it tomorrow or the next day. You can trust you will receive the products you order when you need them.


100% Vendor Managed


99% Fill Rate and Shipment within 24 hours


Eliminate Downtime

The cost of downtime is significant, potentially unmeasurable. If you don’t have the right part when you need it, there is a price to pay. Equipment that can’t be returned to the job because you’re waiting for a component that costs only a few dollars (or cents) can be incredibly frustrating and painfully costly. Our commitment is to ensure we minimize the likelihood of such events hindering your operation.



Kimball Midwest has a first-class website that offers online ordering, product information, a company blog, and much more. Browse our product offerings 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on our award-nominated website, watch videos of our products in action, and access Safety Data Sheets (SDS).

Our website is easy to use. You can set up a Kimball Midwest Online login to place orders online, view and pay your invoices, track your packages, and quickly reorder your most frequently purchased items. Customers who are serviced by a Kimball Midwest sales representative enjoy a personalized experience online, and they continue to benefit from the top-notch service their sales representative provides in person.

Still want to page through a catalog? There’s no need to have a printed version when you can access our digital catalog with a simple click of the mouse. The digital catalog allows you to easily search for products by part number, name, or descriptive text. Going mobile? No problem. The catalog is also available as an app on your smartphone. It’s technology that makes your life easier.

The new True Partners program helps you recover costs on items used for repair. The online cost recovery program was designed based on feedback from our customers. This system is unique in the industry and, for our customers, is available at low or no cost. Avoid the hassle of software downloads with True Partners, which you access online.

"The True Partners program is fantastic. It saves me lost parts, lost time, and it also holds my technicians accountable for what they put on the trucks."  
– Matt R., Rway Repairs and Service

We continuously improve and update our technology to better serve customers. The company introduced a new mobile system for our sales representatives to assist them as they partner with customers to provide customized solutions. Through its innovation, orders can be processed more quickly and efficiently. We work to stay at the forefront of innovation because we want to provide a great experience for our customers.


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Our sales representatives provide you with personalized service, vendor-managed inventory, expert knowledge and more to help your business grow.

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