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America Counts on Kimball Midwest


American-quality products. Kimball Midwest-quality service. A commitment to continuous improvement. This has been the Kimball Midwest Experience across the United States for 100 years. And it will be for 100 more.

Now more than ever, our entire Kimball Midwest team stands ready nationwide to help you build your business. We know that when we support people first, success for everyone will follow. That was true 100 years ago—and will be true for the next 100. And beyond.

What makes us the perfect single-source partner for your company?


American-Made Commitment

You don't need a passport to see where these products are made. 80% of our inventory dollars are spent on American products built in American factories by American workers.

In-Person Demonstrations

See how our products work before you buy them.

Superior Service

We're not happy unless you're happy.

Superior Products

Our products aren't designed to be good, they're designed to be the best you've ever used.

Personal Relationships

We aren't a B2B (Business to Business) company, we're P2P (People to People).




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