Are you looking for a tape you can count on when sealing things together? You are in the right place. Kimball Midwest stocks all the tapes you need and they can be used with almost any material. Whether you are looking for tape you enhance your operation's safety, or you need tape to keep things together for your most demanding projects, we have what you need.

If you are working with electrical wiring, then our electrical tape is perfect for you. You can choose our Rubber Splicing or Weatherflex tape, both of which provide maximum durability and resistance against any weather.

Also offered is our Self-fusing tape which insulates quickly and properly seals the material.

If your operation is demanding and requires a strong tape, then browse our selection of duct tape. We offer duct tape in traditional silver and a variety of others you can choose from, and our duct tape guarantees to be reliable and provide maximum strength to assist you in your project.

If your project could use an easily removable tape, then our masking tape is a great option. We offer several different types of masking tape, including automotive, 3M, and general-purpose. All our masking tapes are versatile and provide maximum resistance while having the ability to make a simple fix.

Another versatile tape we have is our double-sided tape. Our double-sided tapes are made with strong adhesives on either side to stick to almost any material. We offer a variety of double-sided tape, including our moulding and carpeting tape, perfect for attaching signs or name plates. Our VHB tapes are very strong and make for great replacements for rivets or bolts, and our Transfer Attachment Tape is the perfect solution for plastic and metal attachments.

We also have the right tapes to ensure safety throughout your operation, including our traction tapes and marking and warning tapes. Our traction tapes come in a variety of styles, including our Black traction tape, High Visibility traction tape, Maxx Grit tape, and Anti-slip tape. All our traction tapes provide the right amount of friction to enhance safety in the work zones, and all guarantee high gripping to ensure employee safety all the time.

On the other hand, our marking and warning tapes are built for companies who want to keep a safe work environment by alerting employees of what areas may pose danger. From OSHA Safety Tape to Heavy Duty PVC Floor Tape to Barricade Safety Tape, all our marking and warning tapes provide durability and high visibility, which are both necessary for providing a safe workplace.

If you need help shipping your products, then look to Kimball Midwest to supply the right packaging tape for the job. Our packaging tape provides superior sealing for any size box or package, and works with a wide range of appliances.

If you are working with high temperatures and are exposed to certain chemicals, then choose our flame retardant foil tape, which comes in heavy duty or all-purpose to fit your needs.

You can also browse our anti-seize tapes if you are looking for something to apply to fasteners or fillings of any kind of material. Our anti-seize tape is guaranteed to prevent any rust or corrosion.

Our pipe tape is another great product, and is perfect for underground use with metal or plastic, and promises to seal pipe threads that will last for a long time.

If your vinyl material needs replacement, then select our repair patches, which guarantee to hold air and water under pressure. No matter what kind of operation you are running, we have tapes that can make your experience easier.

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