Lubricating Compounds

At Kimball Midwest, we know that maintaining the condition of your tools and machinery is a very important part of your operation. To ensure the condition of these things stays the best it can, we carry the right lubricating compounds the promise to do so. No matter what material your project is dealing with, we have something that you will find useful.

Do you require something strong enough to loosen fasteners and clean pipes and openings? Browse our selection of penetrants to help you with just that Our Torq “CB” Penetrating Oil will clear grease and grime and will allow you to finally loosen fasteners that have been frozen. Our Torq “CB” Plus offers you these same things while accomplishing them at a faster rate. Also available are penetrating oils, which range from corrosion blasting to penetrating oil with graphite to intensive action. For those looking for an extra tough and protective penetrating grease, choose our Ultra Guard. For the toughest to reach spots in your plant or warehouse, select our PB Blaster, which offers enough power to remove surface tension. If you need lubrication to prevent rusting and seizing of metals you're working with, our anti-seize compounds are what you're looking for. For fast and easy dispensing, choose one of our Quick Pumps, available in Aluminum-Graphite, Copper-Graphite, and Nickel. If you have taping needs, we have easy to use anti-seize tapes in Copper, FDA, and Nickel. We also carry silicone and dry lubes applicable to a variety of surfaces to improve the quality of your equipment. Reduce friction and wear and ensure a longer shelf life by choosing our Extreme Moly, Graf-Coat Dry Graphite Lubricant or Moly-Guard Dry Moly Lube. You can also choose from one of our silicone lubricants, including Heavy-Duty, Heat Stable, and Food Grade depending on your operation needs. Are you looking for the right grease to assist your project? You are in the right place, as we have versatile greases that promise quality and longevity. Our Motive-Power greases, including Crystal Synthetic and Red, provide strong protection and resistance and versatility to most applications. If you are working in a very demanding environment, choose our Extreme Pressure Gold Grease, which has a high-pressure rating. If you want high-pressure while reducing friction, select our Moly Grease, and if you want extra adhesiveness without sacrificing resistance, our White Lithium Grease is right for you. You can also browse our selection of Ultra Guard 2 products, which do a great job preventing wear, heat, and friction along with superior lubrication. Other products we offer to help prevent friction and wear are chain and rope lubricants. Choose our Open Gear & Wire Lube with or without ULV to create durable lubrication for chains, open gears, plows, marine and dockside equipment. If you're working in severe environments, then select Veloplex with or without ULV to fight against high pressures and withstand dirt or grime. For those mainly working with metal to metal applications, look at our Light Oil and Chain Lube which penetrates material very well. For more anti-friction and anti-wear help, browse our variety of aerosol greases. For a great food grade lubricant, choose our Glide 2, and if you need a strong penetrating grease, look at our Inter-Lube grease with or without ULV. For lithium aerosol greases, choose from our Glide White Lithium Grease or White Lithium with PFTE for superior lubrication and resistance from outside materials. If you're working with cutting tools, look to Kimball Midwest to provide you with the right lubricants and coolants to keep them in good shape. Our Hi-Performance Metal-Working Lubricants are ideal for those drilling, sawing, and engraving, and our Ultra-Cut products are perfect for absorbing heat and reducing friction easily. Kimball Midwest is here to make sure all your lubrication needs are met no matter what your operation is.

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