A wrench is an essential part of any toolbox, and Kimball Midwest is here to make sure you have the best quality wrenches in all shapes and sizes. Our wrenches are made of durable steel, and whether you have a plumbing job to take care of, want to complete a home auto repair, or have other nuts and bolts to tighten around the house or office, we have the right wrench for you.

We know that with every operation comes challenges such as hard to reach spaces that can create problems for you. For all those spaces where you need a wrench you can count on, choose one of our pipe wrenches. A pipe wrench from Kimball Midwest varies in size and always guarantees a secure grip on whatever you're handling so you don't have to worry about slippage as you pull. The Swedish pattern pipe wrench has extra impressive grip to it.

Do you want a wrench that gives you maximum versatility? We ensure that your adjustments will be as smooth as possible with our variety of adjustable wrenches. Grab one of our geared wrenches for easier fastener removal in even the hardest-to-reach locations. Obviously we've got you covered with both metric multi-drive geared box wrenches and SAE box wrenches.

For the best 2-in-1 wrenches, explore our combination wrenches. These feature maximum strength for both fastening and tightening nuts and bolts and are offered in a variety of sizes and sets.

For high-torque applications, our chain wrenches offer the needed reliability for taking on the most demanding projects. For all our wrench selections, we also have many different kits and sets that you are sure to love. No matter what kind of wrench your industrial job or project is looking for, you are guaranteed to find something that lasts and provides you with the best quality here at Kimball Midwest.

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