Kimball Midwest knows that welding is a very important process for many operations, and it can be a dangerous and sometimes intimidating process. To have the safest and best welding experience, you need the proper equipment and accessories. Therefore, we carry all the right products to ensure you are prepared for your next project. Whether you're looking for safety equipment, welding accessories, or soldering materials, you can find it in our selection below.

Do you need help with your next soldering project? Like with welding, we know that soldering is a complex process and poses some danger, and that is why we supply all kinds of soldering materials to make your experience better. We carry a wide variety of soldering tools and equipment, such as solder in various forms, and soldering flux that leads to stronger and longer lasting bonds. We also carry a flameless soldering heat gun to use where high-volume heat is needed.

Since the most important part of welding is safety, Kimball Midwest carries all the items you need to make your job as safe as possible. We offer auto darkening welding helmet to protect you from the light and sparks, and the helmet is well suited for any welding environment. When you aren't wearing a helmet, welding glasses or welding goggles are commonly used. We have several different types of glasses and goggles you can choose from, and they are guaranteed to protect you from the light and sparks. They are also scratch resistant, they so are long lasting.

Along with our eyewear collection, we stock magnifying lenses in several lens strengths with the goal of preventing possible injury or harm to the welder. Our safety equipment doesn't stop there.

We also carry several different types of welding gloves, and our selection will allow you to choose the gloves you need for your project. Another thing that is great to add to your welding supplies is our leather bib apron. The apron promises to be long lasting and gives you an even weight distribution while working.

Are you interested in something that offers you all these things? If so, then see our welding supply assortment, which includes a welding jacket, all our welding gloves, and welding sleeves all in one.

Once you have all the welding essentials, shop Kimball Midwest's wide supply of welding accessories to complete your collection. Browse our selection of long lasting torches ranging from butane torches to acetylene torches. All our torches come in different strengths and sizes so they are sure to meet your specifications. Also, you can select our welding blankets or welding screen, both of which are guaranteed to protect you from the heat and sparks while welding. We offer these in different sizes and they are designed for multiple uses. Our acetylene torch kit offers a unique option. It includes a variety of things inside, including goggles, regulators, and tips. For clean-purposes, we offer a chipping hammer, which is perfect for removing slag and welding spatter as a result of your project. Kimball Midwest offer diverse options for welding tools and equipment, and we know you will find something to enhance your experience.

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