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Welding Accessories

Are you looking to speed up your welding process and increase your welding experience? If you are, then browse Kimball Midwest's great selection of welding accessories which is guaranteed to increase your efficiency. We offer several types of torches, including our butane torches, which guarantee hands free use and longer lasting heat temperatures. We offer several different types of butane torches depending on how much strength you need, and they all guarantee maximum durability and safety. Another great accessory available is our multi-use torch tip system. Every welding process can use a chipping hammer for clean-up purposes, and Kimball Midwest has a great option which promises to remove slag and welding splatter throughout your project.


Items per page: 10 50 100 All

We also have a great selection of safety supplies to ensure maximum protection while welding or soldering. Our welding blankets, available in different sizes and materials, provide protection from heat of the torch. They are guaranteed to protect you from different surfaces during your operation, and are re-usable and easy to use. Another great welding safety option we offer is a welding screen. The goal of the screen is to provide protection against hazardous sparks and UV lights. The screen is easy to assemble and has adjustable legs to prevent any interference. If you are looking for something that has a little bit of everything, then take a look at our acetylene torch kit. The kit contains all kinds of components for welding and cutting metals, including regulators, tips, and goggles for safety. If you choose Kimball Midwest's accessories for your next welding project, you are sure to find everything you need and complete your operation more effectively.