Diversity and Inclusion at Kimball Midwest

With the changing demographics in society and evolving customer needs, we must remain intentional about how we attract, retain and develop talent, creating a more inclusive environment that leverages diversity effectively. At Kimball Midwest, we are committed to diversity and inclusion, and we recognize diversity and inclusion in our workplace is everyone’s responsibility. Our commitment requires that we each model exceptional and inclusive behaviors, show respect and have an appreciation of differences to develop the best innovations and ideas.

Our people are the heart of our organization – and our greatest competitive advantage. Each person contributes to the organization with their own collection of talents and a variety of experiences and dimensions of diversity. By embracing each person’s uniqueness, our core values of being a People Business and our Two-Customer Philosophy come to life. Our commitment to inclusion is our commitment to our customers, both our associates and our end-user customers, and we want our customers to feel valued, respected and heard because we know that each of our differences adds value to our organization.

At Kimball Midwest, our diversity and inclusion efforts focus on:

Workforce: Attract, develop and retain talent from all backgrounds that reflects our communities.

Workplace: Create a culture of inclusion that creates an open, high-energy and high-performing environment, where all can feel valued, included and empowered to bring great ideas to the table.

Community: Position Kimball Midwest as a Diversity and Inclusion leader and draw on our diverse talent and inclusive culture to win with our customers and within our communities.

Supplier Diversity: Drive economic inclusion in our supply chain. We welcome partnership inquiries with diverse suppliers on our Supplier Diversity page.

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