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Kimball Midwest
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FOOD GRADE: Certifications & NSF Regstrations
Kimball Midwest offers an extensive line of NSF Registered and Kimball Midwest Certified chemical tools for use in Food Processing Industries.

NSF International launched its voluntary Nonfood Compounds Registration Program in 1999 to re-introduce the previous authorization program administered by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). Products eligible for NSF Registration include all compounds used in and around food establishments (nonfood compounds), such as cleaners and lubricants. NSF Registration assures inspection officials and end users that these products meet appropriate food safety regulations. NSF Registration is based on the NSF Registration Guidelines (formerly USDA Guidelines for Obtaining Authorization of Compounds to be Used in Meat and Poultry Plants).

Products authorized under the previous USDA authorization program have been re-certified by Kimball Midwest to meet those USDA requirements for use in Federally Inspected Food Processing facilities. Kimball Midwest certification assures inspection officials and end users that these products meet appropriate food safety regulations. These products meet the former “USDA Guidelines for Obtaining Authorization of Compounds to be Used in Meat and Poultry Plants”.

Certification and/or NSF Registration letters are available for many chemical products.

Click on the item numbers below to view Kimball Midwest Certification or NSF Registration letters for the respective Kimball Midwest items. You may also search for specific Kimball Midwest item numbers.

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80-575Air Freshener & Deodorizer - NeutralizerNeutralizer Air Freshener - Pina Colada 20Oz. 14 Oz. Net Wt.catalog
80-726All Purpose CleanerAll Purpose Cleaner With Citri-Solv 20 Oz. - 18 Oz. Net Wt.catalog
80-896All Purpose EnamelsChrome (shiny) Aluminumcatalog
80-897All Purpose EnamelsGloss Redcatalog
80-898All Purpose EnamelsGloss Clearcatalog
80-899All Purpose EnamelsFlat Whitecatalog
80-900All Purpose EnamelsGloss Whitecatalog
80-901All Purpose EnamelsGloss Blackcatalog
80-902All Purpose EnamelsFlat Blackcatalog
80-910All Purpose EnamelsRed Iron Oxidecatalog
80-911All Purpose EnamelsLight Graycatalog
80-914All Purpose EnamelsDull Aluminumcatalog
80-918All Purpose EnamelsGl Dove Graycatalog
80-1615Bio-Maxx Bio-Based Multi-Purpose Lubricant16 Oz. - 11 Oz. Net Wt.catalog
80-928Brake Parts Cleaner - Brake Clean FreeBrake Clean Free (non-chlor.) 20 Oz. - 19-3/4 Oz. Net Wt.catalog
80-847Bumper-Flex Flexible Finish PaintsBumper-Flex - Sem-Satin Blackcatalog
80-842Cast Coat PaintsCast Coat - Cast Iron Graycatalog
80-843Cast Coat PaintsCast Coat - High Temperaturecatalog
80-919Ceiling Tile PaintsWhite Ceiling Tile Paintcatalog
80-727Electro-Guard Moisture & Corrosion BarrierElectro-Guard Moisture & Corrosion Barrier 16 Oz. - 15 Oz. Net Wt.catalog
80-820Engine EnamelsUniversal Blackcatalog
80-821Engine EnamelsChevy Orangecatalog
80-822Engine EnamelsGM Bluecatalog
80-824Engine EnamelsFord Graycatalog
80-904Engine EnamelsFord Bluecatalog
80-905Engine EnamelsFord Must Bluecatalog
80-906Engine EnamelsGM Redcatalog
80-907Engine EnamelsAlpine Green Detroit Dieselcatalog
80-908Engine EnamelsCummins Beigecatalog
80-1090Fast Cure 3 Minute Dual-Cartridge Epoxy1.70 Fl. Oz. Cartridge w/1 Mixer Tipcatalog
80-1089Fast Cure 3 Minute Epoxy Syringe - Kim-Bond.85 Fl. Oz. Syringecatalog
80-557Fast Dry System 1 PrimerFast Dry Black Primercatalog
80-1034Flex-Guard - Tough Flexible Rubber CoatingBlackcatalog
80-1035Flex-Guard - Tough Flexible Rubber CoatingRedcatalog
80-1036Flex-Guard - Tough Flexible Rubber CoatingBluecatalog
80-1037Flex-Guard - Tough Flexible Rubber CoatingYellowcatalog
80-1038Flex-Guard - Tough Flexible Rubber CoatingBlackcatalog
80-1039Flex-Guard - Tough Flexible Rubber CoatingRedcatalog
80-1041Flex-Guard - Tough Flexible Rubber CoatingYellowcatalog
80-844Fluorescent PaintsFluorescent Orange Paintcatalog
80-845Fluorescent PaintsFluorescent Red Paintcatalog
80-965Food Grade ClearClear, Food Grade, 7-1/4 Oz. Net Wtcatalog
80-696Food Grade SiliconeFood Grade Silicone, 16 Oz. - 9-1/4 Oz. Net Wt.catalog
80-1554Food Grade Silicone FG-Max20 OZ. - 11 OZ. NET WT AEROSOLcatalog
80-946Food Machinery LubricantFood Machinery Lubricant, 16 Oz. - 12 Oz. Net Wt.catalog
80-1086Gasket-Maker 5518 - Torque-Lok35 ml. Tubecatalog
80-705Glass Cleaner - Eclipse1 Quartcatalog
80-750Glass Cleaner - Eclipse1 Quart w / Trigger Sprayercatalog
80-706Glass Cleaner - Eclipse1 Galloncatalog
80-703Glass Cleaner - EclipseAerosol 20 Oz. - 17-3/4 oz. Net Wt.catalog
80-749Glass Cleaner - Ultra-Clear20 oz. Aerosol - 19 Oz. Net Wt.catalog
80-1552Heavy Duty Utility Cleaner - APC+20OZ. - 19 OZ. NET WT AEROSOLcatalog
80-1091Hi-Strength 30 Minute Dual Cartridge Epoxy - Kim-Bond1.70 Fl. Oz. Cartridge w/1 Mixer Tipcatalog
80-840High Temperature CoatingsAluminumcatalog
80-841High Temperature CoatingsFlat Blackcatalog
80-737Ideal Lotion Hand CleanerIdeal Lotion Hand Cleaner, 1 Gallon Containercatalog
80-704Industrial Strength Paint Stripper - Paint K.O.Paint K.O. 20 Oz. - 18 Oz. Net Wt.catalog
80-925Inter-Lube Delayed Viscosity Penetrating GreaseInter-Lube Pentrating Grease, 20 Oz. - 13 Oz. Net Wt.catalog
80-860Inverted Marking PaintsFluorescent Orangecatalog
80-593Inverted Marking PaintsFluorescent Pinkcatalog
80-861Inverted Marking PaintsFluorescent Redcatalog
80-592Inverted Marking PaintsRedcatalog
80-863Inverted Marking PaintsHi Visibility Yellowcatalog
80-864Inverted Marking PaintsPrecaution Bluecatalog
80-865Inverted Marking PaintsSafety Greencatalog
80-1131Inverted Marking Paints - New - 20 Oz. CansFluorescent Orangecatalog
80-1132Inverted Marking Paints - New - 20 Oz. CansFluorescent Red/Orangecatalog
80-1133Inverted Marking Paints - New - 20 Oz. CansFluorescent Redcatalog
80-1134Inverted Marking Paints - New - 20 Oz. CansFluorescent Greencatalog
80-1135Inverted Marking Paints - New - 20 Oz. CansFluorescent Bluecatalog
80-1136Inverted Marking Paints - New - 20 Oz. CansFluorescent Pinkcatalog
80-1137Inverted Marking Paints - New - 20 Oz. CansWhitecatalog
80-1138Inverted Marking Paints - New - 20 Oz. CansPrecaution Bluecatalog
80-1139Inverted Marking Paints - New - 20 Oz. CansSafety Greencatalog
80-1140Inverted Marking Paints - New - 20 Oz. CansUtility Yellowcatalog
80-1141Inverted Marking Paints - New - 20 Oz. CansPurplecatalog
80-1142Inverted Marking Paints - New - 20 Oz. CansSafety Redcatalog
80-1143Inverted Marking Paints - New - 20 Oz. CansBlackcatalog
80-594Inverted Temporary Marking PaintFluorescent Orangecatalog
80-595Inverted Temporary Marking PaintRedcatalog
80-596Inverted Temporary Marking PaintWhitecatalog
80-597Inverted Temporary Marking PaintPrecaution Bluecatalog
83-1957Kim-Temp PTFE Tape For Stainless Steel Applications1/2" x 260"catalog
80-894LacquersSatin Blackcatalog
80-895LacquersGloss Blackcatalog
80-719Light Oil & Chain LubeLight Oil & Chain Lube, 20 Oz. - 16 Oz. Net Wt.catalog
80-964Metal Pro - Metal & Fiberglass CleanerMetal & Fiberglass Cleaner, 1 Quart Bottle with Flip-Top Capcatalog
80-1002Motive-Power Crystal Synthetic GreaseMotive-Power Crystal Synthetic Grease 14 oz. Net Wt. - Cartridgecatalog
80-1150Motive-Power Crystal Synthetic Penetrating Grease16 OZ. - 11 OZ NET WT. AEROSOLcatalog
80-1151Motive-Power Crystal Synthetic Penetrating Oil16 OZ - 11 OZ. NET WT. AEROSOLcatalog
80-602Paragon EF Hand CleanerPARAGON EF Hand Cleaner 2000mlcatalog
80-603Paragon EF Hand CleanerPARAGON EF Starter Kitcatalog
80-562Premoistened Towels - Degreasing TowelsVersa-Clean Degreasing Towels Contains 70 9.5" x 12" Premoistened Towelscatalog
80-1094Premoistened Towels - Degreasing TowelsVersa-Clean Dispenser Refill. Contains 400 8" x 12" Wipescatalog
80-716Red GreaseRed Grease, 20 Oz. - 12-3/4 Oz. Net Wt.catalog
80-910Rust Suppressing PrimersRed Iron Oxidecatalog
80-911Rust Suppressing PrimersLight Graycatalog
80-1148Seize Release - Food Grade Anti-Seize with PTFE1/2 LB. BRUSH TO CANcatalog
80-1149Seize Release - Food Grade Anti-Seize with PTFE1 LB. BRUSH TOP CANcatalog
80-1094Shop Wipe & Dispenser - Versa-CleanVersa-Clean Dispenser Refill. Contains 400 8" x 12" Wipescatalog
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