Our Sales Force is Our Customer

At Kimball Midwest one of our core values is our Two-Customer philosophy. We pride ourselves on providing outstanding customer service to both our employees and our customers.  This culture of exceptional service is exactly why Kimball Midwest continues to grow year over year.  We support the success of our sales force and corporate employees as they work together to go above and beyond the expectations of our customer.  Our commitment to service is what makes Kimball Midwest an exceptional place to work!

Our Sales Representatives

  • Demonstrably superior products
  • Internal staff that is ready to assist in Columbus, Dallas, Reno, & Savannah
  • Highest fill rates and shipping rates in the industry
  • A commitment to your success through proven marketing and selling programs
  • Rewards for your hard work through company promotions and incentive programs

Our End User Customer

  • Demonstrably superior products
  • New products releases throughout the year
  • One-stop shop for all your MRO needs
  • Service that is unmatched throughout the industry with our VMI Program
  • 99%+ error free, same day shipping